This Is Reliable Roadside Assistance From Good Sam

To All #Vanlife, RV, and Travel Enthusiasts!

Have you ever had a flat tire?

Do you ever wonder if and when you might get a flat tire?

As an active RV/outdoor enthusiast you have to accept it will eventually happen. You are going to experience a breakdown with one of your vehicles.

Are you prepared to handle a breakdown when it happens?

My name is Thomas Hughes, I am the webmaster of this site, and I want to introduce you to Good Sam/Roadside Assistance. Good Sam Road Side Assistance is a service that helps its members with RV and auto-specific disablement needs. With more than 30,000 service providers in the system and features like unlimited towing, flat tire service, and even RV tire delivery it is like having a Good Samaritan in your back pocket.

Follow this link to get your Good Sam Roadside Assistance Coverage now!

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My Medic High-Performance Custom First-Aid Kits

Do you have a first aid kit?

First-aid kits can be the difference between a quick heal and long-term complications.

Do you need a first aid kit? Ever thought about that?

Lots of us do things every day that can result in injury. Walking the dog, playing with the kids, working in the shop, and enjoying the outdoors can all lead to unwanted injuries.

A Complete Line of Specialized First Aid Kits

Greetings fellow outdoor enthusiasts! As the webmaster of this site, I come into contact with all sorts of products aimed at #vanlife and camping. Every once in a while one of them stands out as one we here at 828Campervanrental.com want to recommend. What I’m talking about is My Medic. My Medic operates the website MyMedic.com, an eCommerce portal with a complete line of specialized and customizable first aid kits for every level of use.

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This Is The Best Gift For Active Fishermen

warriors tackle supply

Attention To All Those Who Love Fishing,

This Is The Best Gift For Active Fishermen

High-Quality Fishing Tackle Delivered To Your Door

Dear Outdoor Enthusiasts,

If you or a loved one can’t resist the urge to fish this is the best offer you will ever see. Here’s why…

My name is Thomas Hughes, I am the webmaster here at 828Campervanrental.com and an avid fisherman. If there is one thing I know about fishing is that it takes a lot of gear to be successful and you always need more. The problem for most of us is that fishing tackle is not cheap and when it is, well, it’s cheap and doesn’t do the job I need it to do. That’s why I choose Warriors Tackle Supply.

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A Winter Camper Van Biking Trip

This is a picture of our 2015 Dodge Ram custom camper van on an outing we took last winter. We camped out in the Steel’s Creek area of Pisgah National Forest for a weekend of mountain biking. You can see the trailer there in the background, great for hauling gear, bicycles and the motorcycle. Yes, we brought the motorcycle too! As you can also see it snowed while we were there which was no problem. This van is insulated and comes with a single-fuel source heater to keep you snug and warm. 

Winter outing in a camper van rental.

Our 2015 Ram Promaster Camper van rental, out for a winter weekend.

You can follow this link for more information on the 2015 Custom Camper.