828CamperVanRental.com is Western North Carolina’s home of camper van rental. Located south of Asheville, NC in the heart of Pisgah National Forest (Mills River, NC) 828CamperVanRental.com is your source for custom van rentals. We have vans of our own to choose from or we can hook you up with another more to your liking. If you have a van need, we have a van solution. 

Our fleet of campervan rentals can be reserved through the website or by contacting us directly. Along with our vans there are a number of additional features available with each including bike racks, bikes, camping gear, trailers and more. For complete details visit our page detailing these features and their prices. 

  • SUMPVEE – SPORT UTILITY MULTI PURPOSE VAN, SUMPVEE. Click here to watch our video, What is SUMPVEE?

Robert Morehead first became involved with #vanlife more than 10 years ago. He and friend Thomas Coffee had the idea to build the southeast’s best custom van conversions and set out to do so with Morehead Design Lab. Over the next decade, the two turned out a plethora of vans until deciding to take different directions. Thomas has taken over van customization at Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles while Robert is now focused on his fleet of custom camper van rental, and his new project 828CamperVanRental.com. 

828CamperVanRental.com Camper Van rental

Outdoorsy.com is a web-based platform linking camper van owners with campervan renters. It lists vans from all across the country in a searchable database. Search by location, style or price to find the van that best fits your needs. Among the many benefits of the site are 24-hour Roadside/Driver Assistance with repair insurance and up to $1 million in liability and property coverages.