To All #Vanlife, RV, and Travel Enthusiasts!

Have you ever had a flat tire?

Do you ever wonder if and when you might get a flat tire?

As an active RV/outdoor enthusiast you have to accept it will eventually happen. You are going to experience a breakdown with one of your vehicles.

Are you prepared to handle a breakdown when it happens?

My name is Thomas Hughes, I am the webmaster of this site, and I want to introduce you to Good Sam/Roadside Assistance. Good Sam Road Side Assistance is a service that helps its members with RV and auto-specific disablement needs. With more than 30,000 service providers in the system and features like unlimited towing, flat tire service, and even RV tire delivery it is like having a Good Samaritan in your back pocket.

Follow this link to get your Good Sam Roadside Assistance Coverage now!

A Variety Of Coverage Options

Good Sam has a variety of coverage options depending on your needs.

  • Platinum Auto – provides basic coverage for owned vehicles, cars, trucks and SUVs.
  • Standard Auto + RV – provides the same coverage as Platinum Auto and includes one towable RV.
  • Platinum Auto + RV – provides coverage for owned, leased, and rented vehicles. Includes multiple towed RVs and multiple motorized RVs.
  • Platinum Complete – provides coverage for all owned, leased, and rented vehicles including multiple towed and motorized RVs. Also includes Road Hazzard Coverage and Emergency Medical Assistance.

This Is What You Get

Good Sam Roadside Assistance coverage provides emergency services for most common vehicular ailments.

  • Standard and Platinum Coverage – The Standard and Platinum coverages include unlimited distance towing to the nearest service facility, flat tire repair/RV tire delivery service, batter service/jump-start, emergency fuel/fluid delivery, and roadside locksmith service.
  • Platinum Complete Coverage – The Platinum Complete coverage includes all the same features as the Standard package plus tire/wheel road hazard replacement coverage

There Are Lots Of Bonuses To Membership

Members of Good Sam Roadside Assistance can also enjoy several additional benefits. Included are hotel & rental car discounts up to 25% off, emergency medical referrals, AAMCO discounts, and home locksmith service (Platinum Complete members only).

This Is What It Costs

Believe it or not, Good Sam Roadside Assistance is reasonably priced. The Standard Auto and RV retails at $129.95 annually, far less than the cost of a single roadside emergency. The Platinum Complete, the best value by far, retails for only $239.995 and includes all your vehicles, RV’s, and towables.

This Is How You Get Good Sam Roadside Assistance Coverage

It is easy to get Good Sam Roadside Assistance. All you have to do is follow the link I will provide, fill out the registration, and pay your fee. Once paid you are automatically covered per the plan you order. Simple as that. Now, all you have to do is follow the link… here it is…

Follow this link to get your Good Sam Roadside Assistance Coverage!