Do you have a first aid kit?

First-aid kits can be the difference between a quick heal and long-term complications.

Do you need a first aid kit? Ever thought about that?

Lots of us do things every day that can result in injury. Walking the dog, playing with the kids, working in the shop, and enjoying the outdoors can all lead to unwanted injuries.

A Complete Line of Specialized First Aid Kits

Greetings fellow outdoor enthusiasts! As the webmaster of this site, I come into contact with all sorts of products aimed at #vanlife and camping. Every once in a while one of them stands out as one we here at want to recommend. What I’m talking about is My Medic. My Medic operates the website, an eCommerce portal with a complete line of specialized and customizable first aid kits for every level of use.

A First Aid Kit For All Users

My Medic has a first aid kit for every occasion. For starters, you can choose from a full line of specialized kits that range from $50 to over $500. The entry-level is called The Solo. The Solo is a small, lightweight kit small enough to fit into most backpacks. It includes bandages, scissors, tape, ointments, and some basic supplies for more serious wounds. As you move up the product line the gear becomes more specialized.

The Solo … 

All the kits are housed in lightweight, waterproof gear bags with carrying straps, buckles, and easy-access zippers. The Boat Medic kit is in a hard-shell case like a Pelican case to keep it absolutely waterproof and buoyant. The top-level kit is called The Medic. It comes in its own backpack and has lots of room for personal gear and plenty of Molle straps for attaching add-ons. This kit is set up to handle lots of action including minor surgeries ie stitches etc.

Upgrade Your Kit With Sutures and Obstetrics

My Medic has a great little suture kit they call The Stitch. It’s about the same size as The Solo and makes a perfect accompaniment to many of the smaller kits offered. My Medic also has an Obstetrics kit upgrade for those who need to be prepared for everything.

Specialized MedPacks For People On The Go

My Medic has innovated the first aid kit industry with MedPacks. MedPacks are small, specialized first aid kits that you can carry anywhere. One of the most popular is the Pet Medic MedPack. A steal at just $24.95 it includes everything you need for most common ailments your dogs or cats may suffer. Other kits include Hike Medic, Cycle Medic, Cuts and Scrapes, Airway, and Bleed Stopper.

Keep Those First Aid Kits Stocked Up

My Medic has plenty of supplies and restock-items to keep any first aid kit ready to go. You can buy items on an individual basis, like airway kits or rolls of bandage, or you can buy a kit to fully restock any My Medic first aid kit.

Those that want to build a totally customized first aid kit can choose from a line of cases and packs then fill them with all the MedPacks, supplies, and restock kits they want.

Low Prices And A Discount

To start, My Medic’s first aid kits are well-priced for the amount and quality of the supplies you get. These aren’t any cheap-ass kits you can get from the drug store or discount retailers, these are professional grade first aid kits used by first responders, law enforcement, and the military.

My Medic often has sales but always gives discounts to professionals and students. If you are a first responder, firefighter, law enforcement officer, in the military, a student, or TEACHER be sure and claim your discount today!

Returns and Refunds

My Medic has a comprehensive return and refund program for these very sensitive healthcare products. If your item is unused, undamaged, and unopened in the original package you can return for a full refund. If not, depending on the conditions of your items, you may be eligible for a partial refund or another form of satisfaction.

This Is How You Get Your My Medic First Aid Kit

Follow this link to get your MyMedic first aid kit or supplies delivered directly to your door!

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