Our Fleet Of Campervan Rentals

Our fleet of campervan rentals is small but growing. Each of our vans is a fully custom camper complete with European styling. We pride ourselves on having the most comfortable campers, and ones that are not tied to the grid. Each of our vans features a full galley kitchen, running water with potable/grey tanks, stove, heat/AC, dining/sleeping areas and much much more. 

Robert Morehead is a founding father of Morehead Design Lab, a custom van conversion specialist. While he no longer shares the passion for building vans he does still have it for design, and for the #vanlife, which is where 828CamperVanRental.com comes from. 

Our first van is the Sumpvee V3, also known as the 2015 Custom Camper. It is a Dodge Ram Promaster with an overall length of 17″. Interior features include kitchen, banquet seating, table for 4, AC and a single-fuel-source heating system. This van is fully equipped with onboard water tanks and solar system for complete freedom. Exterior features include outdoor shower, roof rack, towing system, shore connections for water/electricity and a large awning. 

The 2015 Campervan rentals, out for the weekend

Our 2015 Ram Promaster Campervan rentals, out for a winter weekend.

Our second van is the Sumpvee V4.17, also known as the Sumpvee Camper Van Rental. It is also a Dodge Ram Promaster but the 3500 EXT model with a total length of 21″ and ample stand-up height. It features a full galley Kitchen  with stove and running water, indoor plumbing with toilet closet and indoor shower, and a dining area with table seating for 4. This van includes shore connections for power and water but is set up with onboard tanks and solar panels for complete off the grid freedom. Exterior features include outside shower, a large awning and towing system.